Group D | Result | 2022 FIFA World Cup

There will be a total of six matches in Group D of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, taking place between November 22, 2022, and November 30, 2022. A place in the Round of 16 (Knockout Stage) of the tournament will be determined by France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia in this group. A round-robin format will be used for the matches, with each team playing one match against the other three teams.

2022 FIFA World Cup Group D Result

If a match is won by one team or if it is drawn, each team will receive three points during the group stage of the tournament. Teams that lose a match will not receive any points. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the top two teams on the points table will move on to the Knockout Stage (or Round of 16). The 2022 FIFA World Cup Points Table can be found here.

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