Group C | Result | 2022 FIFA World Cup

From November 22, 2022, until November 30, 2022, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland will play matches in Group C of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They will compete in this group to reach the Round of 16 (Knockout Stage). During the round-robin format, all teams will play one match against the other three teams in their group.

In the group stage, each team will receive three points for winning each match while each team will receive one point if the match ends in a draw; teams that lose a match do not receive points. In 2022 FIFA World Cup Group C, two teams with the highest points will advance to the Round of 16 stage. The 2022 FIFA World Cup Group C points table can be found here.

Results from other stages of the tournament can be found on the 2022 FIFA World Cup Results page.

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